Legends of Tomorrow: “White Knights” Overnight Ratings Report Legends of Tomorrow: “White Knights” Overnight Ratings Report
Overnight ratings report for the Legends of Tomorrow episode "White Knights" Legends of Tomorrow: “White Knights” Overnight Ratings Report

The overnight ratings for last night’s Legends of Tomorrow “White Knights” are in, and good news: The returning ABC shows didn’t really dent the numbers.

The initial ratings — which can and will go up when DVR etc. are factored in — have Legends of Tomorrow at 2.38 million viewers and a 0.9/3 rating in Ages 18-49. In that demographic, the show beat NBC!

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Craig Byrne

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  • Mike

    February 12, 2016 #1 Author

    This episode was good, especially infiltrating the Pentagon which was new and I thought would be pretty exciting. It still was very pretty good, but I wish that that could have shown them a bit more planning it out and where they needed to go. I guess Rip’s ship would have been able to provide the uniforms in order to get in. The drama between Jax and Stein was really good and a bit emotional. And Sarah training Kendra was quite good that near the end it showed that Kendra did have fight in her. But this episode I felt had some flaws to it, like one of the time council masters finding Rip and explaining their proposal which I thought was a bit interesting but also unnecessary, Even to see that there was a council for time travel in the very beginning, I didn’t quite understand. The plot with Savage making his own firestorm was pretty interesting but still didn’t quite register, especially the fact that Rip didn’t send more backup to aid getting Stein, Captain Cold and Ray just didn’t make sense. How could he not send the remaining team members in? I guess it makes some sense. But despite the episode overall, it was pretty good, But also the fact that there were some not well explained scenario’s, made the episode seem kind of off. But still a good episode.


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