Connor Hawke & Old Oliver Queen Boost “Star City 2046” Ratings Connor Hawke & Old Oliver Queen Boost “Star City 2046” Ratings
Ratings report for the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Star City 2046" Connor Hawke & Old Oliver Queen Boost “Star City 2046” Ratings

Legends of Tomorrow was up against the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory last night, but it still went up in the important demo ratings vs. last week.

Among viewers 18-49, the show had a 0.9/3 with 2.46 million viewers. In the demo, it beat NBC!

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Craig Byrne

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  • Jek Tezak

    February 26, 2016 #1 Author

    It was great to see the live action debut of Grant Wilson! Hopefully Manu Returns as Slade next season and we get to see a little more of the Wilson family. That beard looked awesome on Oliver! Connor Hawke’s spin drop shot was frilled sweet too! Really loved this episode.


  • Mike

    February 26, 2016 #2 Author

    This episode was almost great, the only thing I didn’t exactly like, was Jax and Ray’s competition with Kendra which felt off, but a story of some kind had to be told while Rip’s ship was being prepared while switching in and out from the main story. This episode really was a Sarah episode and how much it had effected her, which was not only different but emotional,making things right for the future of Star City. Connor and Slade’s son made a nice quick edition, and it was a bit surprising that Connor was actually Diggle’s son. Which makes me wonder if that will be brought into Arrow at some point as well as Slade’s son. Stephen’s “older” appearance was really good, but sad at the same time. It was interesting to see him with a beard and mustache for a change. I still feel like he should have had longer hair and looked much older, especially what year it was for that time. Otherwise the final fight scene was another good crossover ish moment for the legends and the main character from another show. And not to mention the feud between Heat Wave and Captain Cold, which was really interesting and (to a certain point) exciting. It was a rather good choice for both of them to have opposites going on for a change of pace. Hopefully the next episode will be almost as good or maybe a little better.


  • Brian Holland

    February 29, 2016 #3 Author

    Time for Connor Hawke to join the Legends for Season 2?


  • Brian Holland

    March 2, 2016 #4 Author

    For me this episode is where the series found its feet! Good to see the numbers up. Perhaps Connor Hawke will join the Legends team in season 2.


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