Legends of Tomorrow Cast Previews Nora Darhk’s Return Legends of Tomorrow Cast Previews Nora Darhk’s Return
Matt Ryan, Courtney Ford, and Brandon Routh preview the return of Nora Darhk in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Tagumo Attacks!!!!" Legends of Tomorrow Cast Previews Nora Darhk’s Return

Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford) finally surfaces in tonight’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which is called “Tagumo Attacks!!!!” — and in it, it is hoped that Nora can use her magic to find out what’s wrong with John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

Last week, we spoke with Courtney Ford, Brandon Routh, and Matt Ryan about the events of tonight’s show and what it might mean for Nora to be using magic again.

“I think it’s really frightening for her, and it is something that she struggles with because her magic is tied to her father and even though she had such incredible love for her father, that relationship was also dysfunctional and she received a lot of pain from it as well. The world received a lot of pain from Damien Darhk,” Courtney told our group of reporters. “So right now Nora’s trying to figure out who she is without her father’s influence and without Mallus’ influence.”

“It’s absolutely frightening,” Ford continued, telling us that Nora is trying to “go straight,” so to speak, not using magic and just being a regular person. “It’s frightening and it’s confusing and she doesn’t know who she is. I think maybe all of us have felt that way at some point in our lives. It can feel very unsettling to not know your place in the world.”

“If I use any magic at all, is it just what Constantine warns her about? Is it just ‘vroom’ down that road? Or can you still be good? Can you still kind of be a complicated ally and use some magic? How much is okay? How much can she tolerate? It’s also kind of addictive, that kind of power that she had,” she explained.

“What’s great about the relationship with Nora is she was a kid when John tried to help her, and he slightly abandoned her and now she’s a grown woman, so that dynamic is really interesting. That plays into the whole child aspect that John feels guilty about, with Astra and other children, which is a running theme,” Matt Ryan said when he was asked about the situation. “And a demon has been part of her, as a demon has with John as well. John’s a master of the occult as well. It’s proven to be a really, really cool dynamic. She would have been great on the original show as well, because the relationship he had with Zed at NBC was that he like a mentor figure to her. That’s like that here, but she’s a lot more experienced than Zed was. They are a lot more on an even keel, which is a good kind of dynamic to play.”

Finally, Courtney Ford’s real-life husband and “Ray Palmer” himself, Brandon Routh, had some thoughts of his own about Nora.

“[It’s] very challenging for her because she’s been keeping away from magic. That has been a challenging for her — her ability to control magic and to not be taken over by it, so I’m asking a lot of her to help John in this way. Ultimately, she does, and comes through it and learns that she’s stronger than she thought which is what Ray has been kind of hoping and feeling, but seeing it was great for Ray. It brings them closer, I think, and will help her character in the future with the Legends, the fact that she has done this for their teammate,” Brandon teased.

You can watch video from our interview below… more Legends interviews are coming!

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