Brandon Routh Says Goodbye To The Arrowverse Brandon Routh Says Goodbye To The Arrowverse
Brandon Routh has written an Instagram message about his time on Legends of Tomorrow and in the Arrowverse Brandon Routh Says Goodbye To The Arrowverse

Tonight’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow titled “Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn of Justness” features goodbyes for two beloved members of the Legends cast: Brandon Routh, who has been in the show since the very first episode, and Courtney Ford, who plays Nora Darhk.

Brandon first played the role of Ray Palmer way back in Arrow Season 3, and the once and yet again Superman was embraced by fans as the quirky Ray. Today, Brandon took to Instagram to thank involved. Here’s what he said.

I have such great resistance in my body in writing this—having to accept that the time has come. There are so many wonderful things to say about my experience on #LegendsOfTomorrow—but in light of the current global threat—I’ll be brief.

I’m eternally grateful to the CW, WB, DC and everyone personally involved in bringing me into the #Arrowverse. It has been an incredible ride with several unexpected joys along the way. There are a multitude of wonderful, dedicated, and hardworking crew members and cast members across multiple shows that I’ve been able to team up with. Thank you to all. Thank you especially to my #Legends family, on-set crew, office staff, writers, and cast. Also thank you to the media & reviewers who get us, & let the world know! You all have made the experience worthwhile, for me personally, and I think, for the fans as well. Speaking of… #FanFamily—thank you for being you. For loving this show and allowing us to grow through our awkward teenage years. There is no show without you. I’m so grateful that we found you—you found us! It’s been a joy collaborating with you.

We are a show for those who are okay with accepting the flaws of others—because they are working on accepting their own. We are goofy, irreverent and earnest all at the same time. Hopefully showing a world where many different types of people can exist—not always perfectly, but always with humor. A balance of Light & Dark. Pessimism & Optimism. Free Will & Destiny.

There’s no disputing it’s been a challenge to say goodbye. And that’s because we love this show, these characters, and you the fans. ❤️🙏🏼

With love & gratitude,
Brandon Routh
#RayPalmer #TheATOM

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